Traditional Kathak Solo

The beauty and delicacy of Lucknow Gharana meets the power and athleticism of the Jaipur Gharana. Seema performs Thaat (mathematical compositions with subtle use of eyebrows, neck, wrist and gaze ending each piece with a surprise element), followed by traditional lyrical as well as pure dance pieces, and Pt. Chitresh Das’ innovation Kathak Yoga where she plays the harmonium, sings and dances. The solo ends with an exciting Tarana with flourishing chhakars and dazzling footwork. Traditional solos also include gat bhav (storytelling). 


Rhythms of India

Kathak to a range of percussion from tabla, pakhawaj, manipuri drums, ghatam, mridangam to kanjeera.  A rhythmic journey across India with Seema Mehta’s dynamic Kathak uniting all.


Indo African Collaboration

Kathak to the percussive beats of djembe and an ensemble of African drumming. Dynamic footwork and pure dance with an exciting rhythmic and cultural exchange


Thumri and Kathak

Dhanashree Pandit Rai and Seema Mehta recreate the romance and rhyme in Thumri and Kathak. A mesmerizing show where rustic India comes to life through song and dance depicting spring, Holi, love and longing.

Photo Credits: Donald Woodrow
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