Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Los Angeles


Jain Katha by Seema Mehta and Rina Mehta is a unique and daring show honouring the rich traditions of Jainism through the north Indian classical dance form Kathak. For the first time stories and shlokas from Jain scriptures come alive through this dynamic art form. The show brings forth the cornerstones of Jainism - Peace and Salvation- through ancient stories that are relevant today to the modern proscenium stage. Adding magic to the show is the Hindustani trio from Kolkata - Biplab Bhattacharya- Tabla, Jayanta Banerjee- Sitar and Debashis Sarkar- Vocal.

Seema performs to the Navkaar Mantra, Uvvasagaharam stotra and the soulful stavan Mangal Mandir Kholo. Rina Mehta performs Chandanbala- the story of princess Vasumati who triumphed over war and slavery with compassion.